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Adult Counselling

I am a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor and a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).

I work with a range of issues: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bereavement, relationship problems, illness, eating disorders, self harm, sexuality, life changes, trauma, abuse, family issues, post natal depression, work related issues, fears.

I offer both short, medium and long term open ended counselling for adults. I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space allowing us to discuss various and sensitive topics that may be troubling you.


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What to Expect

I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space, allowing us to discuss various and sensitive topics. I place emphasis on our relationship, building trust and security, enabling us to think and explore present problems.

Finding the right Counsellor can be daunting, so initially we will have a 15 minute telephone consultation to assess what I offer is right for you and to ensure we are comfortable working together.

Once we have agreed to proceed, we will meet once weekly at the same time and day for 50 minutes.

Cost per session is £45.00

I offer in person counselling, over the telephone or online.



Life can be difficult at times and our problems can feel complex and unbearable.  We can feel lost, stuck, anxious or confused. These might be problems brought on by be illness, bereavement, relationship breakdown, parenting, life transitions, trauma or career.

Talking to a trained professional, who is impartial and can listen and understand without judgement can help. It allows you the privacy and freedom to explore your difficulties in a supportive non-judgemental and confidential space.

Counselling can allow you the space to explore and develop a greater understanding of yourself and your relationships. It can contribute considerably to your mental and physical health and your sense of wellbeing and enables you to make more informed choices giving you a greater sense of control.

Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling is as a less intensive alternative to Psychoanalysis. Psychodynamic therapy allows us to consider and explore our past, our present and our earliest relationships and experiences.

By exploring our early experiences we can open a window to our current patterns of behaving and relating to others in the present. We can understand our defence mechanisms, the repetitions and patterns that have developed.

Along with our conscious thoughts and feelings we have unconscious ones too, which we have ignored or repressed, and which may be influencing current relationships and situations. 

When we identify and understand our patterns of behaviour we can begin to change, thereby contributing to a greater sense of self and a more fulfilling life.

I am a qualified and experienced Psychodynamic Counsellor based in Dorset. As well as having a private practice I work as a counsellor for a local charity organisation.

I trained and qualified at Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy with a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (4 years).

I am registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and I am bound by their ethical guidelines and codes of practice, including their requirements for supervision and continued professional development.

I am also a member of Wessex Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (WCPS) based in Frome.

Gillingham is within easy access of Mere, Warminster, Sherborne, Shaftesbury, Bruton, Frome, Wincanton, Stalbridge, Sturminster Newton and Tisbury.

If you would like to talk further please use the contact details below. You may need to leave a message on my voicemail, if you do I will contact you as soon as I am able to.

Contact Me

Mobile: 07880 728796

Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4EF